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Shopping & Dining

In recent years there has been an explosion in trendy shops and gourmet dining. Since fashions and popularity are always changing, our in house room guides and our ebullient manager Miss Henri will give you all the latest knowledge on arrival.


To King Solomon Galle was the place to "send merchants to procure gold, silver, ivory, apes and peacocks" and it has long been renowned for its gems, jewelry and lace. In recent years fashion boutiques and lifestyle shops have flourished offering original designs with a serendipitous accent! To exhaust even the most avid of shoppers.


Galle and its environs are now well known for their eclectic collection of boutique hotels all offering their own versions gourmet utopia. Fusion food now competes with traditional rice and curries, freshly caught sea food and chaotic roadside "kade" food. Sri Lankan cuisine is just waiting to be discovered! (the celebrated UK chef Rick Stein will be airing a programme in England at the end of 2009)


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